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Our quality, health, safety and environment policy

Egersund Trading wants to be the leader within quality, health, safety and environment by systematically promoting these areas in all activities and operations. We will deliver reliable products and high quality services in cooperation with our customers. The risk of environmental incidents and pollution will be minimized and impact on the environment from production, service and delivery of our products and services, should be as small as possible.
We will achieve this by:
  • No employee should experience illness or injury as a result of the work they perform.
  • Providing adequate resources for quality, health, safety and the environment should be a high priority.
  • Our business will be based on our values, "Satisfaction", "Competence" and "Trustworthy".
  • Further develop our employees' expertise in quality, health, safety and environment through internal and external training.
  • Ensure safe operation of our departments using management systems according to the latest version of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
  • Abide by mandatory laws and regulations.
  • Continuous focus on improving our significant environmental aspects.
  • Monitor and measure results against our objectives to ensure continuous improvement of the management system.
The responsibility for complying with our policy of quality, health, safety and environment lies with all employees and other companies / persons working for or on behalf of Egersund Trading.


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